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A video streaming portal includes a mobile app (Android), Web App and admin panel where users can sign up and watch videos from anywhere. Also, there will be the facilities to buy a premium.

While the term “e-learning” has been thrown around quite a lot in recent years, many are still unaware of what it actually means and how it can help them achieve success in both their professional and personal lives. This short e-book aims to provide an introductory level overview of the e-learning field for those people

When it comes to education, the model has been pretty straight forward - up until the early ‘00s education was in a classroom of students with a teacher who led the process. Physical presence was a no-brainer, and any other type of learning was questionable at best. Then the computer evolution happened and it radically changed the learning landscape.

In essence, e-learning is a computer based educational tool or system that enables you to learn anywhere and at any time. Today e-learning is mostly delivered though the internet.

There is a plethora of different e-learning systems and methods, which allow for courses to be delivered. With the right tool various processes can be automated such as the marking of tests or the creation of engaging content.

Whether you're a high-school teacher looking to engage your students in a more interactive way, or a corporate trainer hired by a large company to design training curricula, e-learning packs a punch when it comes to benefits that make the creation and delivery processes easier and hassle-free. Important benefits are outlined below:

No Boundaries, No Restrictions

Along with locational restrictions, time is one of the issues that learners and teachers both have to face in learning. In the case of face-to-face learning, the location limits attendance to a group of learners who have the ability to participate in the area, and in the case of time, it limits the crowd to those who can attend at a specific time. E-learning, on the other hand, facilitates learning without having to organize when and where everyone who is interested in a course can be present.

More Fun

Designing a course in a way that makes it interactive and fun through the use of multimedia or the more recently developed methods of gamification enhances not only your engagement factor, but also the relative lifetime of the course material in question.

Cost Effective

This is directed to both learners and teachers, but there is a good chance that whatever your role you had to pay exorbitant amounts of money at some point to acquire updated versions of textbooks for school or college. While textbooks often become obsolete after a certain period of time, the need to constantly acquire new editions is not present in e-learning.

It Just Fits!

As companies and organizations adopt technologies to improve the efficiency of day-to-day operations, the use of the internet becomes a necessity. As multinational corporations expand across the globe, the chances of working with people from other countries increases, and training all those parties together is an issue that elearning successfully addresses. Let's blend all of that together and apply it in a real-life scenario: In an effort to enhance the credibility of course material, oftentimes a professor will summon a field specialist to give a lecture relevant to the topic at hand. In the traditional model of education, the professor would have to extend an invitation to said expert, and incur the costs of his flight, stay and training.

With e-learning:

With e-learning the professor has the ability to host a guest lecture without having to spend much money. It can be done virtually, with cameras for both the lecturer and the students, and with the use of microphones to facilitate the same level of interaction that would be possible if the lecturer were physically present in the room. The added benefit comes in when we are able to replay the lecture and gain even more out of it. Students that missed out can view the recording, or students that attended can watch it again to further their understanding.

Concerns that arise with e-learning

Even given all the benefits of e-learning, one cannot deny there are some drawbacks. Practical skills are somewhat harder to pick up from online resources. For example, although building a wooden table is something you can easily share information about, record videos of and explain, the practical experience is essential. Pottery and car engineering are examples of skills that require hands-on experience.


Though e-learning offers ease, flexibility and the ability to remotely access a classroom in the student’s own time, learners may feel a sense of isolation. This is because learning online is a solo act for the most part, which may give the learner the feeling that they are acting completely alone. As technology progresses and e-learning benefits from the advancements being made, learners can now engage more actively with professors or other students using tools such as video conferencing, social media, and discussion forums amongst others.

Health Related Concerns

E-learning requires the use of a computer and other such devices; this means that eyestrain, bad posture and other physical problems may affect the learner. When running an online course it’s a good practice to send out guidelines about correct sitting posture, desk height, and recommendations for regular breaks.



We are using cost effective and stable video streaming service

Up 7 TB of Storage

We have designed fully customized player for this application With the facility of basic players to advance

Study materials also download and access within the application
Student can get their assignment easily
Materials will be managed with lectures to easy to find and understand

Online Test in subject wise and also in chapters

Student can buy course

Student's history can be managed
Update profile every years
We can use data for performance enhancement of students

No one can record from application and also can't take screenshots
Downloaded videos and materials are only accessible within an app
Purchase course will expired in specified time periods and not able to access download videos and materials
Only admin can upload videos and access student information


It's time to upgrade education system

According to IBM, top learning organisations have used learning technologies for the following improvements;
12% reduction in time competence
14% increased productivity through learning interventions
17% in customer satisfaction
19% in staff satisfaction/engagement
22% reduction in delivery time
24% in ability to change products or procedures

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