Parody of human

The poem

In this world of cynicism and where all are turning out to be self centered; it is really the matter of question that how are we gonna live in this society where trust and relations and loyalty have been crushed and buried deep down.

This piece is to force the act of introspection and see is this what we are or we can be better??

Creatures have became such crooks 

That Humanity rests just in books 

Weird has been evolution 

Ears got blocked , tongues lost limitation

In shame would be the maker 

How? Below explains the orator 

Everyone wants to get sated 

But none is ready to compromise 

Everyone likes to order 

But no one is ready to follow 

Everyone wants to argue 

But no one is ready to listen 

Everyone likes to explain 

But no one will try to understand 

Everyone wants to gossip 

But none is going to move for help 

Everyone wants to reach high 

But no one is ready to go climb

Everyone has felt this pain 

But yet same everyone will remain. 

Orator – Pratik R. Dubey

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Parody of human
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